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customized fat loss
In this summer, there are many boys that want to get flat stomach, six packs and lean bicep muscles to show off their shirtless body to hot girls in beach. There are many boys that having fat tummy, overweight body and bulging body that stops him from going to beach with hot girls or wearing tight jeans. If you’re also one of them then there is the good news for you. Now you can lose weight, build muscles with your own customized diet plan. Yes, it is true Kyle Leon created Customized Fat Loss which helps you to customize your diet plan according to your taste and availability of nutrients from your nearest market. In my first week I get very impressive results, that is why I decided to write down my own customized fat loss review in the favor of this fat loss program.

What is Customized Fat Loss?

If you read some articles on weight loss then surely you heard the name about this program. This fat loss program is totally different from other program because it is fully customizable and individual can customize it according to his goal. Recently, this weight loss program gained very much popularity and it featured on numerous TV shows.

Who is the author if this fat loss program?

customized fat loss reviewsAs mentioned above this fat loss program is created by fitness expert Kyle Leon with his team including body builders, fitness professionals and medical experts. Since his college life he likes to do body building and very much conscious about his body that is why his college friends called him as Lanky Leo. In his college days he spend lots of his money on buying muscle building workouts and supplement but he appearance does not change and he failed to get his dream body. After trying so hard he was introduced by nutrition expert by his body builder friend. He learned lot from this nutrition expert and finally get his dream physique.
After getting his dream physique, he decided to build customized fat loss program to help all those guys and gals that want to get dream body without compromising his taste.
A good review highlights all pros and cons of the program. In this customized fat loss review you will find both of them.


1. Everyone is having different body and nutrition requirement is also different from others. Everyone set their own body goal. Some want to lose weight and some want to build muscle. It become very difficult for one diet plan to work for everyone that is why in this program Kyle Leon divided body types in six categories which are ectomorphs, endomorphs, meso-endomorphs, ecto-mesomorphs, meso-ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. When you first access to the member’s area of this program you have to choose how you want your body to look like then you get complete diet plan every day in this member’s area.
2. You provided with graph to track your body measurements. It maybe possible weight loss scale does not show you any weight loss but your body is getting in shape because body fat is replaced by your muscles.
3. Workout is the most important part for building muscles but you don’t need to work countless hours in GYM to build muscles with this program. In this program there are more resting days than working or exercising days.
4. You can replace the mentioned food with the food that is easily available in your area. You will get food list that you need to eat and you also get nutrition plan with the help you can replace food that is not available easily in your country.
customized fat loss review
5. This program is fully customizable and you can even customize your exercise moves to avoid getting bore from few exercising move. Exercise in this program is divided into different categories which you can rotate them.
6. In this program you also find some commonly done mistakes by most body builders. Kyle Leon is fitness expert and fitness trainer, he trained many guys and gals to build muscles. He pointed out some mistakes that he finds many people do while building muscles.
7. It comes in PDF format which you can download and read it anywhere.
8. This program comes with 60 days money back guarantee which means you’ve access to this muscle building program without any risk of losing money.
9. Kyle Leon updates the member’s area with new and interesting research about weight loss which boost up the process of losing weight
10. Kyle Leon offers complete online support to his member. If you stuck on something then you can get help from Kyle Leon and his team members to find best solution.
11. There are many people that posted their positive customized fat loss reviews which proved that this program working for numerous people all over the world.
There are some cons of this program also which are given below


1. All the information and your everyday diet plan is access online which mean you should have internet access to download your daily diet plan.
2. Some people think this program is ‘magical’ solution which is not true. Kyle Leon posted his experience and diet plan in this program and if you want to build muscles and lose weight you need to put your own efforts.
customized fat loss download

3. This program is not suitable for people that don’t have good fitness level. There are some muscle building exercises which require great deal of fitness level that is why it is recommended by Kyle Leon to test your fitness level before joining this program.
4. In this program Kyle Leon suggested some supplement which many people do not accept to use it. Without these supplements the process of build muscles really slow down that is why supplements is necessary in this program.


In the end of my customized fat loss review I like to say that this fat loss program is much better than other fat loss programs out there in the market because it consider body physical measurement before suggesting diet and exercise. This fat loss program acts as a personal trainer which gives you exercise and diet plan daily and track your process until you achieve your dream body.

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